The Humane Rescue Society K9 Health Fund
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100% of all donations buys 
food & health products for
sick, elderly, disabled and
special needs dogs.
Support for Dogs with Health Needs
Saving Dogs As Fast As We Can!
The Humane Rescue Society K9 Health Fund
This fund was established for sick, elderly & disabled dogs.
Dogs with health conditions require
extra time & attention
that can be costly & hard to manage.
As a result of the assistance provided
many dogs are able to lead longer
healthier lives with their families.
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100% of all donations buys
 food & health products for
sick, elderly, disabled &
 special needs dogs.
Humane Rescue Society is a Nonprofit Association Dedicated to Helping Dogs!
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Humane Rescue Society
Saving Dogs As Fast As We Can!
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Throw An Old Dog A Bone
Dogs are very often mistreated in their old age.
After a lifetime of loving & caring for their owners old dogs are many times
abandoned in the streets or turned over to shelters because of
expensive health issues, incontinence, or displacement by a younger dog.
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Humane Rescue Society
Helps Old Dogs Any Way We Can!
We Rescue Old Dogs From Shelters
We Help People Keep Their Old Dogs
We Help People Re-Home Their Old Dogs
We Help Find Old Service Animals
A Good Place to Retire
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