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Saving Dogs As Fast As We Can!
We Can Help You Save Your Dog
No Pet Rent --- No Pet Deposits --- No Restrictions
Save Your Dog from the Animal "Shelters"
Animal Shelters are crowded, noisy, cold and scary places for dogs.
Taking your dog to the shelter will likely not save their lives.
Most of the dogs taken to shelters will be killed. 
Some No-Kill shelters will give dogs to labs to be tortured by experiments
Your Dog's Life Depends on You... Not A Shelter!
Dogs have the same feelings you have.
How would you feel
if your family
took you to prison
& left you there?
We Can Help Anyone... Save Any Dog
Most Dogs Qualify for Rental House Exemptions
No Pet Rent --- No Pet Deposits --- No Restrictions
Humane Rescue Society
Saving Dogs As Fast As We Can!
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100% of all donations buys food & health products
for sick, elderly, disabled and special needs dogs.
If You Think You are NOT Good Enough for Your Dog
you do not have a big yard,
enough time, attention or money
or you do not take them to the vet
or because you do not spend
all day playing with your dog...
You Are Wrong!
This Is NOT What Your Dog Thinks!

 What Dogs Think...

I want to play with my owner
I am healthy & don't need vet care
When my owner gets home I will
make them happy with play & fun
I love my owner/parent
I will always love my family
When I am old my family will
love and care for me

 What Dogs DO NOT Think...

I would trade my owner for a yard
I need vet care to feel good
I will not be happy to see my owner
because he works too long.
I deserve a better owner/parent
I could easily forget my family
When I'm old I hope my family leaves me
alone in prison or with strangers
Do NOT Betray Unconditional Love with Abandonment at a Shelter
Your Dog Wants To Be With You!
Everyone wants more time
to spend with their dogs.
If this is not your current reality
then do your best until things change.
Dogs are the most loving &
forgiving beings you will
ever meet in this world.
Always do your best &
try to do better in the future.
This Is What Your Dog Wants! 
Do Not Betray Your Dog's Love With Abandonment at a Shelter
Dogs Do NOT Need Our Excuses...They Need Our Love.
Giving Your Dog to a Shelter is NOT the Right Thing to Do!
There Is A Better Way... You Have Options.
Humane Rescue Society Services Can Save Your Dog
No Pet Rent --- No Pet Deposits --- No Restrictions
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