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Name:  Sophia
Age:  4 years
Breed:  Rough Coat Collie
Help Request: “I have never been officially diagnosed with depression and do not take any medications.
Do you think my dog and I would qualify to get service animal papers?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: “I always felt some sadness hanging over me until the day I found Sophia. Sophia made me feel happy, and she distracted me from the sadness that had dominated my activities for a long time. I do not want to give up this happiness when I go to work, out in public and especially not in my own house. But, many apartment complexes say they do not allow companion animals and will only accept dogs with service animal papers.” Beth M.
HRS Services: When Beth contacted Humane Rescue Society, we explained the difference between companion animals and service animals. We also explained that regardless of any official diagnosis Sophia would probably qualify as a service animal. With Beth's permission, we contacted K9 Service Animals to initiate their certification process. Beth worked with K9 Service Animals to have Sophia certified; and, since Sophia had already been trained by Beth to perform specific tasks that related to her depression, she was able to get her certification in less than a week.
Results: Sophia received her Service Animal Certification, and Beth is able to live in any apartment she wants without any extra pet fees or deposits, regardless of their pet or companion animal policies. Now, Beth can take Sophia anywhere she needs to go with out being restricted from any public areas (where people without service animals are allowed to go).
Thanks soooooo much. You made finding an apartment normal again.” - Beth M.
You Don't Have To Be "Disabled" To Have A Service Animal
If you believe you have any health issue, you probably qualify.
Service Animal Certification Testimonials
Humane Rescue Society recommends K9 Service
 for Service Animal Certification
No Pet Rent -- No Pet Deposits -- No Restrictions
Qualify Your Dog for Rental Housing Exemptions
Thanks for helping us keep
Sean's guardian angel.
I am grateful to you everyday.”  Eileen O.
Name: Clyde
Age: 6 years
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Help Request: Finding housing with a large dog is very difficult. Even when they are allowed, the pet rent and deposits are unreasonable and out of our price range. Can you please help us find affordable pet friendly housing for my family?
Answer: Yes, we can help you find affordable housing for your family and your dog!
Client History: Eileen's husband needed to find work, so her family was relocating to another city on a tight budget. She was worried about the cost of the move and how it would affect her son and his dog. She shared with us that her child was autistic with ADHD and that her son had a real connection with their dog, Clyde. “The thought of my son losing his best friend because of housing rules is unthinkable.” After discussing with Eileen her child’s' situation, we learned that Clyde help her son, Sean, so much it seemed to be a miracle. Clyde helped Sean with anxiety, fits of rage, balance and companionship problems. Clyde and Sean had become inseparable over the past two years. They did everything together and Sean had shown so many improvements as a result, it was hard for Eileen to express all of Clyde's positive effects on Sean's life.
HRS Services: Humane Rescue Society helped Eileen to understand what a service animal is and how Clyde qualified for certification. Humane Rescue Society explained to Eileen how she could use a Service Animal Certification with housing management companies to qualify for exemptions to pet policies, pet fees & deposits.
Results: After helping Eileen contact K9 Service Animals, Clyde received his service animal certification. Now Clyde can go with Sean anywhere. Not only is Clyde allowed in any housing, but he can also go with Sean to school, doctors' offices, or anywhere he is needed.
Humane Rescue Society Helped These Dogs Get Their
Service Animal Certification
Name:  Ginger
Age:  5 years
Breed:  Golden Retriever
Help Request: “As a single mother, I can not afford additional pet deposits and continuous hikes in pet rent every year. Can you help me re-home my dog since I can not afford to move or pay extra deposits and fees?”
Answer: No need to re-home because... We can help you keep your dog!
Client History: Ginger's owner, Tammy, felt that giving up her dog was her only option. “I initially paid a pet deposit for my dog Ginger, and my apartment complex kept raising the pet rent. When I went in to renew my lease the new management company said that they had changed the pet policy and the new pet deposit was now an additional $400, but I don't have an additional $400.” Tammy was told Ginger would have to leave if she decided to stay living there and did not pay the expensive extra pet fees which is why Tammy began looking for help to re-home Ginger. While discussing her housing situation, Tammy told us that, due to neck/back stiffness and cramping from working on the computer, she had difficulties that were not obvious or apparent to an outside observer. Tammy often got stiff in bed at night and used Ginger for extra support while getting up in morning. Sometimes Tammy needed extra support in the evenings when she was really tired.
HRS Services: Humane Rescue Society explained to Tammy that Ginger would probably qualify for Service Animal Certification. Tammy was concerned that Ginger would not be accepted as a service animal because of previously paid pet deposits & fees. We explained that a dog's service animal status could change at any time and that, after Ginger was certified, she would be exempt from any future pet deposits or fees. Tammy also thought that because her physical restrictions were mild, intermittent and undiagnosed that she would not qualify to have a service animal. Humane Rescue Society explained that this was not true and that Service Animal Certification was a good option for her situation. With Tammy's permission, we contacted K9 Service Animals to initiate their certification process.
Results: Tammy worked with K9 Service Animals to have Ginger certified. Since Ginger was already being used to perform specific tasks that related to Tammy's neck & back problems, she was able to get her Service Animal Certification in less than a week. Now, Tammy is able to live in her same apartment without any extra fees or deposits, regardless of their pet policies.
Thank you Humane Rescue Society. Not only did you help me keep my dog without moving but I no longer have to pay pet rent and I was refunded my pet deposit.
Best Dog Rescue Ever!” Tammy G.
Most Dogs Qualify As Service Animals
If your dog comes when called, he probably qualifies.
Thanks Humane Rescue Society &
K9 Service Animals.
You have made everything easier
for me and Luna!” - Michael P.
Name:  Luna
Age:  7 years
Breed:  Shepard Mix
Help Request: “I have anxiety issues when I am without my dog and want to take my dog on my trip to Vegas. 
Can I get my dog certified as a service animal to take her into the hotels and casinos?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Traveling, social interactions, busy places & new people were all things that gave Michael anxiety. Fortunately for Michael, Luna was able to keep him calm in almost every situation which is why he wanted to take her everywhere. When Michael had to travel to Las Vegas for a family reunion, he naturally wanted to take Luna with him; so that, he would experience less anxiety while attending all the family's events. Unfortunately, many of the casino hotels would not allow dogs or wanted to charge him expensive fees.
HRS Services: Luckily, Micheal’s research led him to Humane Rescue Society, and we were able to help. We contacted K9 Service Animals and explained Micheal and Luna's situation. K9 Service Animals agreed that they could qualify for Service Animal Certification.
Results: Luna received her Service Animal Certification; and, now, Michael is able to take Luna anywhere he needs to go without being charged extra fees or being restricted from any public areas (where people without service animals are allowed to go). Michael took Luna on his Vegas trip and stayed with her at the casino of his choice. He also took Luna around to all the casinos, restaurants, Vegas stage shows and special events without any problems, fees, or restrictions. When Michael returned home, he also found that his Service Animal Certification opened up housing options to him. When Michael was ready to relocate, he had a much easier time finding appropriate affordable housing for him and Luna.
They will work with you to certify your dog as a service animal.
Service Animal Certification Testimonials
Humane Rescue Society recommends K9 Service
for Service Animal Certification
“You were right! After Rusty was certified
he was exempt from all pet policies & fees.
Now, he is free to go with me anywhere.
Thanks for all your help!” Belinda S.
Name: Rusty
Age: 5 years
Breed: Hound Mix
Help Request: “My boyfriend's apartment manager told me that I was not allowed to bring my dog, Rusty, to my boyfriend's apartment, or he would evict him for violating his lease. 
Can Humane Rescue Society help resolve this issue with the apartment complex, so I can continue visiting my boyfriend?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Belinda had knee problems making carrying any amount of weight a painful task. Rusty helped Belinda carry things she needed and helped her get out of chairs and cars. Belinda visited her boyfriend nearly everyday and, of course, that meant Rusty did too. Belinda had never been confronted about Rusty's status before and was unaware of the advantages of classifying him as a service animal instead of a regular pet.
HRS Services: Humane Rescue Society explained that, since Rusty was used to assist Belinda with activities that affected a major life function, Rusty was not just a pet but a necessary aid for Belinda, and he would qualify as a service animal, according to the ADA. Humane Rescue Society recommended that Rusty be certified as a service animal by K9 Service Animals; so that, he could qualify for exemption to her boyfriend's apartment pet policy.
Results: Belinda certified Rusty as a service animal with K9 Service Animals and presented her certification documents to her boyfriend's apartment management. Rusty became exempt from the apartment's pet policy and was allowed to continue assisting Belinda without any further objections from the apartment management. Now, Belinda is able to take Rusty anywhere she needs to go with out being restricted from any public areas (where people without service animals are allowed to go).
Certify your Dog as a Service Animal
Qualify for Rental Housing Exemptions.
Name: Henry
Age: 6 years
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Help Request: “I have to move out of my house ASAP and need to find temporary foster care for my large dog until I can find housing that accepts him. Can you help?”
Answer: Yes, we can help you find housing that accepts large dogs now!
Client History: Due to an unexpected change Henry's owner, Micky, needed to find rental housing fast. However, he quickly realized that many places did not allow dogs. Micky, was under a lot of pressure to find housing and was worried that he would soon be forced to choose between his loyal helper and basic shelter when he reached out to Humane Rescue Society for help.
HRS Services: After discussing Micky's situation, we discovered that Henry sometimes provided balance and stability when Micky needed to get up or down. Therefore, according to the ADA, Henry was not just a pet but a necessary aid for his owner in some activities that affected his major life functions. Humane Rescue Society put Micky in touch with
Results: In less than a week, Henry was certified as a service animal. As, a certified service animal Henry was exempt from all housing pet policies and allowed to live in all rental housing without paying any pet deposits or fees. Micky found housing fast without the need for foster care because Henry continued living with Micky and assisting him without extra cost or restriction thanks to his service animal certification from
I never would have imagined that Henry would qualify as a service dog, but thank God he does because I could not find any affordable housing that allowed large dogs.
Thanks for all your help! Micky C.
Most Dogs Qualify for Rental Housing Exemptions
Name: Freckles
Age: 2 years
Breed: Rough Coat Collie Shepard Mix
Help Request: “I am considering putting Freckles up for adoption because my condo Homeowners Association has threatened to fine me and have me kicked out of the condo if I do not give up my dog now. Can you help?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Freckles owner, Kathy, was a young woman who received a warning notice that her dog was in violation of the weight limits of her condo's pet policy. Freckles was not supposed to grow over 30lbs, but he did not know that and continued to grow up to 45lbs. Kathy was reluctant to loose her dog, because she used Freckles to assist her around the house with mobility issues like getting up and down and bending over to reach things on the floor because of back pain Kathy also took Freckles to the store with her so he could carry her personal items and medication in his dog backpack.
HRS Services: Humane Rescue Society explained that since Freckles was used to assist her with activities that affected her major life functioning he qualified as a service animal. Humane Rescue Society recommended that Freckles be certified as a service animal by K9 Service Animals; so that, he could qualify for exemption to her condo's pet policy.
Results: Kathy certified Freckles as a service animal with K9 Service Animals. She presented her certification document and letter to her condo office and they made Freckles exempt from the condo pet policy weight requirement. Freckles was allowed to continue living with and assisting Kathy without any further objection from the condo office administration.
The application process is quick and easy and the whole situation was resolved in less than a week. Thanks for the help!” Kathy R.
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Service Animal Certification Services
Certify Your Dog As A Service Animal
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Your Dog May Qualify for Rental Housing Exemptions
Name: Snowball
Age: 3 years
Breed: Eskimo
Help Request: “My doctor will not recommend a service animal but I know Snowball helps me. Can you help me get Snowball certified as a service animal without a doctor's recommendation?”
Answer: Yes, a doctor's recommendation is not needed to certify a service animal.
Client History: Snowball's owner, Amanda, was desperate for help. “My landlord said that if I do not provide him with a doctor's note for a service animal I will be evicted from my home with only two weeks notice. Moving your whole house in less than two weeks is nearly impossible especially with a dog. I don't know what to do. My landlord said he would not allow me to have a dog because he thought that I did not need a service animal. He said no one needs a service dog for asthma and treated me like I was lying to him. My landlord kept demanding to see doctor's notes and service animal paperwork. He said that without paperwork I was in violation of my lease and that he was going to take action against me.”
HRS Services: Even though Amanda did not have an apparent disability, we explained to her that, according to the ADA, it did not matter what her landlord thought about her condition. Snowball was a service animal because Snowball helped with her condition. Snowball was trained to wear a pack and to come when signaled with a clicker. He brought Amanda her inhaler, that was in his pack, during an asthma attack when it was difficult for her to move because she could not breath. This was a textbook case and Snowball was a textbook service animal. If Amanda's landlord demanded paperwork, then HRS would help her get the paperwork she needed to resolve the situation.
Results: With Amanda's permission, Humane Rescue Society contacted K9 Service Animals to assist Amanda with the certification process. The whole service animal certification process was completed quickly and easily. Snowball received his certification in less than 48 hours and Amanda's landlord was forced to stop harassing her and allow Snowball to continue living with her in peace.
Luckily a friend referred me to Humane Rescue Society and they helped me get Snowball certified as a service animal quick without a doctor's recommendation.
Thanks Humane Rescue Society!” Amanda P.
Humane Rescue Society Testimonials
Choose from the different types of  K9 Testimonials below:
Solve Your K-9 Behavior & Training Problems With A Customized
K-9 Behavior Consultation
Experienced Consultants Provide Information About Training, Nutrition & K9 Behavior
K9 Service Academy Training & Consultations
Name: Fritz
Age: 3 years
Breed: Shepard Mix
Help Request:I have spent 100's of dollars on trainers that could not stop Fritz's aggression issues and we are out of options. Do you have any ideas or resources that can help us?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Fritz was aggressive towards any people he did not know. He was very protective of his home and would bark and attack anyone that entered the house. In addition, he would lunge and charge at anyone on the street that passed too close or talked directly towards him or his owners. Skateboards, bikes, & children were just some of the outside triggers that sent him into an uncontrollable fit of aggression including barking, pulling, charging and extreme distress for both Fritz and his owners. Fritz also suffered from fear aggression with his owners and had bitten them several times when his owners tried to groom or bathe him. He was extremely fast and unpredictable. Fritz would get frightened of regular household items such as vacuums and spray bottles, and these triggers would cause Fritz to attack without warning giving his owners extreme anxiety about touching Fritz.
HRS Services: Fritz's family was led to believe they were alone in the world with this unique problem but that was not the case and the “experts” that they had been working with should have known this. We explained how this has happened to other dogs and that there is hope. Since Fritz was such a server case, we recommended Ken contact K9 Service Academy because they are real experts in aggressive dog rehabilitation.
Results: K9 Service Academy was able to explain why this aggression developed and resolved the confusion surrounding how to deal with aggressive reactivity conditions. K9 Service Academy's consultation sessions provided the tools and techniques necessary to resolve Fritz's issues. Even though multiple vets, trainers, and “rescues” could not offer any explanation or remedies for Fritz’s problems, the experienced experts at K9 Service Academy were able to provide peace of mind to Fritz's family by explaining this condition and providing solutions that were simple and easy to implement.
Thanks Humane Rescue Society & K9 Service Academy for saving Fritz from a shelter.”
 Ken D. (Fritz' Owner)
K9 Health & Behavior Consultation Services
Name: Chief
Age: 4 years
Breed: German Shepard
Help Request: One day after 4 years with no apparent cause or warning, our dog Chief became aggressive to our other dogs. I don't want to give up Chief but it seems like no one can help & I don't know what to do. Can you help us?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Chief was the youngest of 3 dogs that had all been living together since Chief was a puppy. They always got along running, jumping and playing together normally. Then, Chief (a male, Shepard mix) began exhibiting aggressive behavior towards the other dogs (6 yr. old male pit mix & 9 year old female lab mix). Chief's owners tried typical dog training, behavior therapy, different medications from the vet with only negative results. Chief's owners had resorted to keeping him separated from the other dogs for over a year while they searched for help. It was very difficult to keep all the dogs apart all the time and occasionally fights would break out that could not be stopped. Chief's fellow dogs had suffered injuries and were in constant danger. Chief's family was very stressed about this difficult situation and were losing hope that they would ever find a solution to this problem.
As the family lost hope Chief's behavior seemed to spiral further out of control. The aggression toward other dogs began to extend to small children, some bigger men and people wearing hats. Chief began lunging at people on walks and acted fearful in situations where he previously had no problems. Chief was still fine with his owners always very sweet and loving. Chief still loved cuddling and was generally a happy dog which made the situation very confusing and difficult for his owners, because they felt that they could no longer care for Chief, but they did not want to give him up or see him euthanized.
HRS Services: Chief's owners were at a loss and, as a last resort, turned to posting for help on craigslist. One of our Humane Rescue Society staff members saw their desperate plea for help and referred them to K9 Service Academy for a consultation session. K9 Service Academy has years of experience helping aggressive dogs and were able to offer multiple solutions to Chief's owners. K9 Service Academy reviewed all the programs available to help Chief. They suggested many options that Chief's owners were not aware of and explained techniques for implementing a customized recovery program. K9 Service Academy provided follow-up support during the process of correcting the aggression problems and worked with Chief's owners to eliminate the causes that led to the manifestation of the aggression.
Results: K9 Service Academy's rehabilitation support structure and consultation services helped Chief's owners resolve Chief's aggression problems; so that, Chief was able to continue living with his family without any further issues.
We called all the 'rescues' in our area, but none of them offered any solutions,   
and they told us they could not help.
We are so happy that HRS found us. You are the only rescue that actually helped us
and saved our family Thanks again! Emma B. (Chief's Owner)
K9 Service Health Consultation Testimonials
Solve Your K-9 Health Problems With Customized Health & Diet Programs
K-9 Health Consultation
Experienced Consultants Provide Information About Training, Nutrition & K9 Behavior
Name: Cosmo
Age: 8 years
Breed: Beagle Mix
Help Request: Cosmo is rejecting food and water and his stitches are not healing properly. He is lethargic and unresponsive and the vet doesn't seem to know what to do. Can you help us?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Cosmo's owner, Scott, further explained Cosmo's history: “Our dog Cosmo had been missing for weeks and when we finally found him he was malnourished, dehydrated, and had been hit by a car. After receiving emergency surgery for large cuts and a broken leg, we were finally able to bring him home. Almost immediately it became apparent that Cosmo was not recovering from his injuries as he should.”
HRS Services: Given the acute nature of Cosmo's condition, The Humane Rescue Society recommended that Scott receive consultation from K9 Service Academy. K9 Service Academy consulted with Scott about Cosmo's conditions and recommended some therapies, diet changes and additional natural remedies that were able to quickly stimulate Cosmo's immune system.
Results: Cosmo began eating and drinking again. His energy level returned to normal, and he fully recovered from the trauma in less than a month.
Thanks for referring us to K9 Service Academy.
When the vets did not know what to do, K9SA sure did.
And, Cosmo feels so much better!” Scott T.
These Dogs were Helped with Health Consultation Services from
Name: Lancelot
Age: 10 years
Breed: Golden Shepard
Help Request: My dog has cancer and the vet wants to do surgery, but he is very weak and I don’t think that he will survive it. Are there any other options?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Lancelot had a large tumor on the outside of his rib cage and his kidneys were beginning to fail. He was not eating his food and drank very little water. Things did not look good for Lancelot and his condition was rapidly deteriorating when the Humane Rescue Society was contacted for help.
HRS Services: Given the seriousness of this situation, Humane Rescue Society recommended that Lancelot's owner Mark contact K9 Service Academy for an in-depth health consultation. K9 Service Academy consulted with Lancelot's owner about his conditions and quickly recommended some diet changes, additional natural remedies and therapies specifically customized for Lancelot's age and unique health conditions.
Results: K9 Service Academy's recommendations were able to fully reverse Lancelot's kidney problems and his tumor size started to reduce. Lancelot began eating and drinking again. His energy level returned to normal, and he lived for another four years. K9 Service Academy assisted Lancelot, again, when he required end of life care, and he spent everyday of his life fully active until his last hours that he spent peacefully transcending this life in the arms of his family.
Thanks for putting me in touch with K9 Service Academy,
they really helped our sweet old Lancelot.” Mark Y.
Specialized Programs for Sick, Disabled, Elderly & End of Life Care
Name: Shelby
Age: 13 years
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Help Request: “My vet wants me to spends thousands on intensive treatment for my 13 year old dog. If I can't afford it the vet recommends that I put Shelby to sleep....there has to be a more affordable way. Can you help me?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Shelby was nearly deaf, almost blind and her lungs were congested with fluid causing her to wheeze after eating or when she was cold. Shelby ate very little food and drank very little water. The vets said that it would cost thousands to provide the care that Shelby needed. Many experts did not want to address these conditions because Shelby was 13 years old, and they often suggested euthanasia as the only option to ease the suffering of such an old dog. Luckily Shelby's owner kept searching for some relief for his good friend and contacted The Humane Rescue Society for help.
HRS Services: The Humane Rescue Society consulted with Shelby's owner, James, about Shelby's conditions and explained that there were other options. In addition, HRS recommended that James contact K9 Service Academy for in-depth health consultation services.
Results: . K9 Service Academy's recommendations for diet changes, therapies and additional natural remedies helped to expel the excess mucus in Shelby's lungs and eliminate her congestion. Shelby began eating and drinking more than she had in months. Her eyesight and hearing were improved and she lived to be 16 years old. K9 Service Academy assisted Shelby, again, when she required end of life care.
Dear, Humane Rescue Society I just wanted to let you know that Shelby passed away
a couple of days ago, but thanks to you and K9 Service Academy she spent the last
years of her life happy and without any pain or suffering.
Thanks again for all your help.” James N.
Humane Rescue Society Recommends
Name: Roxy
Age: 11 years
Breed: Dachshund
Help Request: The vet has recommended that we put our dog Roxy to sleep. Can you help us save Roxy?”
Answer: Yes!
Client History: Roxy was a senior dog with a long list of health issues. According to her owner, Rick, “Roxy is overweight with cataracts in both her eyes and has chronic bladder infections. The vet says her kidneys and liver are beginning to fail and she is infested with mites that the vet can't get rid of. Roxy is not digesting her food and has an unquenchable thirst with no bladder control! I want to get help for her but it seems hopeless.”
HRS Services: The Humane Rescue Society explained to Rick that there was still hope and there were more options for Roxy than just euthanasia. HRS recommended that Rick contact K9 Service Academy for in-depth health consultation services. K9 Service Academy consulted Rick about Roxy's conditions and recommended therapies, diet changes and herbal remedies specifically customized for Roxy's rapidly deteriorating condition.
Results: K9 Service Academy's recommendations were able to fully reverse Roxy's kidney and liver problems. Her bladder infection was cleared up within two weeks and her cataracts seemed to improve. After a series of baths and topical oil applications the mite infestation was eliminated. Roxy began processing her food and water normally again and recovered her bladder control. As Roxy's health improved, her activity level increased and she was back to her old self in a couple of months.
K9 Service Academy was able to save our Roxy, thanks for the referral” Rick C.
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